Natatorium Park Pennant


Natatorium Park Pennant


Aluminum pennant commemorating the Jack Rabbit rollercoaster at the historic Natatorium Park in Spokane Washington.

Pennant measures 10″ tall and 17″ wide.

We source raw aluminum from a local company here in Spokane to start with. Through our imperfectly perfect process, a distinctly distressed image is the result. These are not defects. It is never the same twice, and gives each individual print a personality. Unpredictable, but guaranteed to please.

UV coating:
Everything that leaves the shop comes coated in automotive grade acrylic UV protectant. Unless otherwise requested, we use a matte finish, because reflections suck.

We are tired of the never level, always catywampus hangers that are provided with any wall hung art, so we found the best, simplest option. Your piece will be shipped with two 3M Command Strips for hanging.



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